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Cochrane’s Personal Injury Lawyer

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Our personal injury law firm in Cochrane, AB serves clients throughout the province. 

We have over 2 decades of experience handling personal injury cases like yours, and have expertise with a wide variety of case types.

Cochrane Bike Accident Lawyers

Accidents between bicycles and passenger vehicles often have catastrophic results. When you or your loved one has been injured in a bicycle accident our firm is here to help you recover damages from the negligent driver. You can expect the driver's insurance company to fight hard. We fight just as hard.

Cochrane Car Accident Lawyer

If you took any injury in a car accident with a negligent driver, then you probably need a personal injury lawyer. How do you know the driver was negligent? If a police officer said the accident was their fault and not yours, then you can press a personal injury law suit. These are the most common personal injury cases, but they're anything but simple. Rely on our expertise to get you the compensation you deserve.

Cochrane Slip & Fall Accident Lawyer

Slip and fall cases can be tricky to win. Even filing a claim can be difficult without a lawyer's help. At times these cases come with tight timelines, and sometimes they happen without any witnesses to corroborate your story. Our slip and fall experts will help you get justice when a negligent property owner causes you pain and suffering.

Cochrane Pedestrian Accidents Lawyer

If you or a loved one have been hit by a passenger vehicle while acting as a pedestrian on Alberta roads then you deserve the best representation you can possibly find. The grievous injuries suffered by most pedestrians require the intervention of a tough lawyer who can hold these drivers and their insurance companies accountable. These cases are harder to win than they look, as pedestrian accidents are not always the driver's fault, and pedestrians aren't always capable of gathering evidence at the scene of the accident. Our experts give you the tough representation you need to get justice.

Cochrane Truck Accident Lawyers

Trucking companies and fleet owners do everything in their power to avoid paying trucking claims. These claims usually cause catastrophic injuries or even death, but these companies do not care. You need a lawyer who is well-versed in Canadian trucking law and who leaves no evidentiary stone unturned when it's time to defend your case. Our lawyers have achieved large awards for our truck accident clients, and we can help you, too.

Cochrane Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle accident cases can be challenging because the stigma surrounding riders can lead to riders being blamed for accidents that were not their fault. Riders, like pedestrians and bikers, are also often too hurt to gather evidence at the scenes of their accidents. Our lawyers are motorcycle accident experts who will fight hard for you throughout the entire process.

Types of Injuries We Handle

In truth, we handle any injury you can think of, including soft tissue injuries, burns, cuts, lacerations, and more. These are just some of the most common injuries we see, the ones that often seem to need the most help.

1. Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries can be life-altering. They can impact mood, cognition, memory, and personality. Many who receive a TBI will have trouble pursuing careers or enjoying the life they once lived.

2. Spinal Injuries

People with spinal injuries may also become paraplegics or quadriplegics. This means making enormous life adjustments and needing a great deal of money for equipment, extended therapy, and long-term care.

3. Orthopaedic Injuries (Fractures)

Painful fractures impact your ability to work and keep you out of commission for weeks. Get coverage for your hospital bills and lost wages. 

4. Children's Injuries

When children get injured they need the toughest representation money can buy. It’s sad but it’s true: children don’t always get taken very seriously in the courts. We take you and your child seriously, and we fight hard on their behalf. 

5. Wrongful Death

If your loved one was killed in any kind of accident where another party was negligent, turn to us for help. We can help you cover their medical expenses, funeral expenses, the loss of their companionship, your pain and suffering, and your loss of their wages and services.

Why Cochrane Personal Injury Lawyer is the Right Choice for Your Personal Injury Claim

Our lawyers have a 20+ year track-record and a reputation for being some of Canada’s toughest negotiators and most no-nonsense litigators. Here are some other reasons why you should choose Cochrane Personal Injury Lawyer.

Cochrane’s Personal Injury Lawyer


We have the resources to hire experts on your behalf, research your case in-depth, and give your case the attention and time it deserves. 


There isn’t a single lawyer on our team who hasn’t worked in the personal injury field for at least 15 years. We’ve made appearances at all levels of courts in Alberta. Each of our lawyers has published papers, won major awards, and has been involved in landmark personal injury cases. See our About Us page for more detail.


We deal fairly with you and take the time to make sure you understand exactly what happens next. You won’t be blindsided by any point of the process. 


Each of our lawyers has a powerful reputation for success in the field of personal injury law. We’ll be happy to walk you through some of our past cases, and our results.

Contact a Reputable Personal Injury Lawyer Today

Contacting a personal injury lawyer is completely risk-free. We work on contingency, which means we don’t get paid unless your case is brought to a successful conclusion. The longer you wait, the less valuable your case is likely to be, so consider contacting us today.

Just call +1-(825) 857-1227 to schedule a free case evaluation. We’ll help you determine whether you have a strong personal injury case, what your compensation could look like, and what your next steps should be.

Give your case its best chance for success. Schedule your no-obligation consultation today.

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