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Cochrane Car Accident Lawyer

Cochrane Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents are the most common personal injury cases. Our car accident lawyers are adept at helping car accident victims hold at-fault drivers accountable. We help you get the compensation you need to pay medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses associated with your car accident case.

Involve us in your car accident case early to get the best results! We will deal with the insurance company on your behalf, investigate your case, negotiate your settlement, and take you all the way to trial if we have to.

Most Common Car Accident Scenarios

There are a number of common sources of negligence that cause car accidents.

The first is distracted driving. People who look away from the road for a moment can cause massive devastation in a matter of seconds. Texting while driving is the most common scenario, but even messing with a radio or stopping to read something like a map while continuing to drive can cause a major accident.

Another is a failure to obey traffic laws. Every driver has an obligation to obey traffic signals, obey posted speed limits, change lanes properly, and follow all other relevant traffic laws.

Some issues are due to being impaired: drugs, alcohol, and fatigue can all cause tragic accidents.

All drivers have an obligation to account for prevailing weather and road conditions, but many drivers fail to do so. 

Finally, there are issues which might involve a third party, such as a case wherein there was a defective part in the vehicle, or in which a company vehicle did not receive proper maintenance. 

Common Car Accident Injuries

The most common injuries we see in our cases are:

Many of these issues lead to additional complications, such as paralysis or partial paralysis. In many cases these injuries can cause scars, disfigurements, or physical challenges that will follow the victim for the rest of their lives. 

In almost every case, these accidents result in high medical bills that Medicare doesn’t cover, and in lost wages and other expenses. These losses are the direct result of someone else’s negligence. You should not have to pay for them.


Lawyers for Car Accidents

Our lawyers don’t just help you when it’s time for your case to go on trial. We help when you need to deal with any insurance, your own, the other driver’s, your family policy or MVAC. We help circumvent the common tricks that insurance companies like to play to avoid responsibility.

We help when it’s time to investigate the facts of the accident, and can often get access to records you can’t get access to. We also help you identify all responsible parties. Often an effective personal injury case requires you to launch a lawsuit against every person who bore any responsibility for the accident, but identifying all of these parties isn’t always easy.

We help at the negotiation table, when it’s time to evaluate what your case is worth and push for a fair settlement. We’re there to fight for you in court if the case goes to litigation.

You can call a lawyer at any time during your case. You do not have to wait. You can call a lawyer as soon as you are medically capable of doing so.

Investigating Accidents—Getting Access to Records

Your lawyer can help you get access to records that you need to defend your case, but may have difficulty getting on your own. These include:

Any of these records can provide you with vital information that could be relevant to your case. For example, if you’re in an accident with a company vehicle having those maintenance schedules could show that the company in question wasn’t properly maintaining their vehicle, thus helping to prove their negligence and liability. 

Cochrane Car Accident Lawyer

Time Limits to File Your Claim

If you are in an accident with a municipal vehicle you have just ten days to file your claim. You usually have to inform your own insurance company within 24 to 48 hours of the accident. You have to inform the other party’s insurance company within thirty days. You have two years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party. 

These deadlines get many accident victims tripped up. Our lawyers help you meet each deadline so that you don’t have to worry. You’ll know you’re being taken care of at every stage of the process.

How Our Cochrane Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You

Our lawyers protect your rights and your interests. We file your paperwork properly and on time. We protect you from insurance companies and creditors. We help you negotiate your settlement. We help you make pretrial motions. We help you get access to documents you’d have a hard time getting on your own. We you battle your case out in court if necessary.

Our lawyers help you through every step of the process. We thoroughly investigate your case and get you access to experts who can help you tell your side of the story. And we seek a full, fair settlement for your claim. We won’t settle for anything less. 

Remember, we work on contingency. That means we don’t get paid until we guide your case in a successful conclusion. Contacting us is completely risk-free.

Get Help Today

There isn’t a lawyer in our office who has less than 15 years of experience. Many have 20 years or more. We’ve handled car accident cases for numerous accident victims throughout Alberta. 

Just call +1-(825) 857-1227 to schedule a free case evaluation. We’ll help you determine whether you have a strong personal injury case, what your compensation could look like, and what your next steps should be. 

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