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Understanding Alberta Accident Benefits

Understanding Alberta Accident Benefits

Accident benefits! Don’t get it wrong. It’s about the compensation an injured party can claim after an accident occurs. Like other states in Canada, accident benefits in Alberta are for anyone who has an injury – drivers, pedestrians, passengers, or even cyclists.

So how to claim accident benefits? And what are the steps to do this? In this article, you get to know everything about Alberta accident benefits. Let’s move into the details.

6 steps you should take after an accident

In most cases, the injured victims would receive expenses for about 2 years. However, the costs would include surgeries, treatments, and repairs. Many people get confused after they meet an accident.

So, there are 6 steps you should take after an accident:

  1. Stop your vehicle
  2. Call 911
  3. Ensure your safety
  4. Call your nearest station
  5. Exchange your information
  6. Get advice from your insurer

Let’s get into the details!

1. Stop your vehicle

If you have an accident, it is very important to stop your vehicle. In case you leave, you will be subject to criminal prosecution.

2. Call 911

Next, you need to call 911 if anyone gets hurt. In some cases, you can also call 911 if any driver is breaking the criminal code.

After you call, the police may arrive to verify your report.

3. Ensure your safety

If anyone is hurt, make sure you don’t move them. Moving the injured victims can result in making the injuries worse.

If the collision is between two vehicles, make sure you aren’t standing in the middle of those vehicles. Sometimes, while you inspect them, you can risk your safety.

Sometimes, you will have your vehicle with a little scratch after a collision. So, in these cases, make sure to park your vehicle.

Nevertheless, you should not move your vehicle if a collision is serious. In such cases, the police need to inspect the scene properly.

However, you need to use hazard lights or warning signs if your vehicle isn’t drivable and move to a safer side.    

4. Call your nearest station

In some cases, you need to call your nearest station in major issues. Some examples are getting hurt, not having proper papers, vehicles not being movable, etc.

5. Exchange your information

If you are in a collision, make sure you exchange your information. Additionally, make sure you have enough information to car accident claim.

It would be best if you took some pictures of the scene. The photos will work as a piece of evidence to claim your rights.

6. Get advice from your insurer

Finally, it is time to let your insurer know. So, let your insurer know about the collision details. They will provide the best advice for you.

If you are hurt, your insurer can start processing your case.

Accident benefit coverage

There is a high chance that you will receive accident benefits coverage if you are in an accident. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are at fault or not.

However, you will get accident benefits based on:

  1. The disorder I or II
  2. Other injuries

Let’s get into their details.

The disorder I or II

Disorder I or II are injuries like strain, whiplash, or sprain. In such cases, the doctors don’t need any approval from your insurer.

So, it is very necessary to know about the claims before you choose any protocol. However, under diagnostic and treatment protocol, your doctor can bill the insurer.  

Other injuries

If you have an injury, you need to show a doctor. So, you can collect all the receipts and move on with reimbursements.

Therefore, your healthcare benefits coverage provider will bear all the necessary expenses. Sometimes, you don’t have extended health benefits, so your insurer must bear all the payments.

4 steps to take if you’re injured

You need to take care of your health before you think of claiming your benefits. So, make sure you follow these 4 steps when you’re injured:

  1. See your doctor: First, visit your doctor and get your checkup done!
  2. File your report: Then, move on with filing your report.
  3. Submit your form: Later, search for an online form, and complete it.
  4. Contact your insurance company: When you submit the form, you will receive reviews about your form. Sometimes, they might also want more details.

6 steps to get your vehicle repaired

There are different types of coverage that you might receive from your agent. However, the 6 steps to get your vehicle repaired are:

  1. Submit your claim
  2. Estimate your repair cost
  3. Choose your repair shop
  4. Recommendation of your insurer
  5. Insurer replaces your vehicle
  6. Dealing with your repairing

Let’s get to know more about these steps.

1. Submit your claim

There are many cases where insurance companies delay settling claims. For such cases, it would be best if you complete a loss claim form to avoid delays. Therefore, your insurance company will work much faster.

2. Estimate your repair cost

The repair cost depends on the type of accident. So, your insurer and you need to estimate the repair cost.

In most cases, the insurer has the right to review the entire cost, so they do it. However, you also have the right to stay with the insurer while they review your cost.

If you can drive your vehicle, you need to take it to the repair shop with the appraisal. On the other hand, if you can’t drive your vehicle, you need to contact your insurer as soon as possible.

3. Choose your repair shop

It depends on you to choose your repair shop. So, it would be best if you handled the dealings with the repairing shop.

However, if you choose the shop, you need to know that doing the work depends on yourself. Nevertheless, you also can choose the service providers.

The 3 different service providers are:

  • Motor dealer’s association
  • Automotive service and repair association
  • Certified collision automotive repair

Nevertheless, to get the best results, you need to know whether the repairing shops are certified.

4. Recommendation of your insurer

Your insurer can’t suggest any specific shop because they might get the cost per their estimations.

By any chance, if your insurer suggests any repair shop, you need to be sure they give the guarantee.

Sometimes, insurers tend to forget about their responsibilities when they don’t provide any written guarantee.

5. Insurer replaces your vehicle

It would be best if you take a written guarantee from your insurer. Therefore, they can’t back off. Moreover, the insurance company also attempts to do their task properly.

Many companies follow the legal system that they would give you a guarantee in 7 days. So, the companies are responsible for fixing the quality of your vehicle.

As a result, they need to replace your vehicle or repair them to your satisfaction.

6. Dealing with your repairing

When you sign a deal with your shop, make sure they specify all the details properly. There are many cases where the shops don’t mention the little details that you say.

Finally, you don’t get a satisfactory result. So, before you sign, make sure you don’t end up with incomplete work from your repairing shop.

Once the shop completes their task, it is very important to check over their work. If there is an extra payment, your insurer will not be responsible for it.

The insurance company will pay only the estimated amounts. However, it depends on whether they will give the money to you or directly to the shop.

How to deal with the other driver?

There are many situations where you would need to deal with other drivers. In most cases, they wouldn’t even admit that they were at fault.

So, you have 2 options where you can:

  • Claim your collision coverage
  • Claim against the other driver

Let’s dig into how these claims work!

Claim your collision coverage

First, you can claim your collision coverage from your insurer. They need to deal with you and then the other company.

However, make sure you have enough information about your claim. If any of your costs are deducted, you need to try to recover the cost.

Therefore, you can claim the appraisal process again.

Claim against the other driver

Another option is to claim against the other driver’s insurance company. In such cases, let your insurer know first, later move on with contacting the other insurer.

Before you claim, make sure you have an estimate and have a selected repairing shop. However, the other company will deal with you in their way.

As a result, the process of formal appraisal would not work in these situations.


Accidents are never planned, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Nevertheless, make sure you have an emergency kit with your vehicle. An emergency kit would always be helpful to you when there are major or minor accidents.

On the other hand, you can find these situations very tough. So, it would be best if you take the help of a professional. They would provide you with the best options that are available for you.

Instead of delaying, move on with your case and get the best value out of it!

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