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Car Accident Insurance Claim Settlement

The first thing the at-fault driver’s insurance company does after an accident is to offer a settlement. They mostly approach the victim to discuss a car accident insurance claim settlement for their injury.

Initially, the settlement offer coming from the insurance adjuster can seem tempting. However, to win it, you should have a general understanding of how to settle a car accident insurance claim.

Let’s know what a car accident injury settlement claim is before the insurance adjuster misleads you.

What is Car Accident Insurance Claim Settlement?

A car accident insurance claim is the way to get compensation from the insurer. In addition, it’s an agreement between two parties involved in a dispute.

A car insurance policyholder can appeal to compensate for the damages they experienced during an accident.

Fewer cases go to trial after car accidents. Most of the time, it is settled between the insurance companies of both parties.

It’ll likely be settled without a trial even if filed against the at-fault party rather than the insurer. The at-fault party’s insurance adjuster offers a certain amount of money to resolve the claim.

The amount of the claim relies on the Insured Declared Value of the car. It also depends on the type of Insurance Policy that is bought. If the victim accepts the compensation, the insurer must sign a settlement agreement and release it.

How to Settle a Car Accident Insurance Claim?

Simply put, a car accident insurance claim can be settled through cashless and reimbursement claims.

Cashless claim

As the name implies, the cashless claim is entirely a cashless process. Let’s say you need to repair your car in a garage. Under the cashless claim, you can get your car repaired in an insurer’s authorized garage without paying any cash.

The insurer directly pays the garage the amount you claim. The policyholder will likely pay for the mandatory and voluntary deductible if selected while purchasing the policy.

Reimbursement Claim

If you repair a car from a garage not authorized by the insurer, you can request a reimbursement claim. Here, the policyholder needs to pay for the repair first.

Then, the policyholder gets the amount reimbursed from the insurer. The insurer compensates the entire amount of the reimbursement claim considering the deductibles.

How to Proceed with a Car Accident Insurance Settlement?

A car accident will likely leave you with costly expenses. Whether you incur hefty medical bills or property damage, you are worth getting compensation. However, the first thing you should do after a car accident is file a car accident claim.

This claim will help to proceed with the car accident insurance settlement process. But, specific steps must be taken throughout this claim process to get fair compensation for your damages.

If you know the other driver was at-fault, you should inform your insurance adjuster first. So they can file the car accident claim for you. Sometimes, you can expect the other driver’s insurance adjuster to start the claim process.

Steps to be Taken Moment After an Accident

At times, the car accident injury settlement process starts right after the accident takes place. So, you must do a few necessary things to make a strong claim.

Inform the police to file an official accident report when the accident occurs.

Car accident cases require evidence to prove the guilt of an at-fault driver. There can be no better evidence than the photos and videos of injuries, property damage, and the accident site.

Also, witness statements can build a stronger claim. So contact the witness and get their contact information. Then, note your statement about the accident to the police to include in the accident report.

However, it is essential to document everything involved in the accident. You must get the other driver’s name, contact details, insurance information, and license plate number.

In case of any physical injuries, seek medical help immediately. Ask the doctor to note the injuries in the medical record. Moreover, be sure to keep any bills or documentation to you.

Initiate the Settlement Claim

First of all, contact your insurer to file a claim. Then, provide all the information and documents you have gathered to the insurer. So they can initiate the settlement claim process for you.

Get the “Reservation of Rights” Letter

The insurance company will send a letter called “reservation of rights” after you file the claim. The letter states that they have received your claim and will contact you soon.

Send a Demand Letter

Finally, it’s time to contact a lawyer to prepare the professional document for you. A lawyer can guide you further and represent your case in court if needed. After analyzing your case, the lawyer will prepare a demand or insurance claim letter.

The demand letter includes the amount you are claiming and other demands. Note that you’ll send this letter to the insurer of the other driver. The lawyer will help you draft, write and send the demand letter.

The purpose of the demand letter is to convince the insurance company to pay the compensation you owe. It will present all the evidence of the accident and any damages you’ve suffered because of the accident.

Negotiate the Settlement Claim

After you send the demand letter, the at-fault party’s insurer should respond with another letter. They will likely offer an amount that they think is fair. It may be lower than you have asked for.

Don’t take it personally because it’s a part of the settlement process. In this case, what you have to do is either accept the offer or keep negotiating. Continue to negotiate until you think the amount is fair, considering your losses.

Final Words

For the most part, car accident insurance claim settlement ends in negotiations. Still, if your case cannot settle the case, you may have to file a lawsuit.

Hopefully, that won’t happen to you if you follow our suggestions and hire an experienced car accident lawyer.

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