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Does a Parking Lot Accident Go on Your Driving Record?

In Canada, while you are involved in an accident, it may remain on your driving record for up to six years. Indeed, those are for a road accident while you are at fault.

Here comes the confusion regarding parking lot accidents—as these are 50/50 culpable incidents.

Hence, we get the question—does a parking lot accident go on your driving record? Let’s find the answer in this blog.

So, Does a Parking Lot Accident Go on Your Driving Record?

Simply put, any at-fault accidents are recorded on your driving history. Expect accidents that are not at-fault requires no reporting to the police considering the circumstances.

So, a parking lot accident will go on your driving record if reported and can impact your insurance premium too.

However, it won’t be recorded unless you report the incident to the police. Now, you must be wondering, how do I know if an accident is at fault? Let me help you with that.

How are at-fault Accidents Determined?

There is no simple answer because it can be difficult to determine who is to blame for an accident at first. Also, determining fault involves a lot of variables.

In general, factors included in who was at fault are – where they were driving, their speed, which car was moving, and the state of the parking lot. However, depending on the circumstances, other considerations will be taken into account as well.

Remember that fault determination regulations were developed to aid law enforcement and insurance businesses. In addition, it concerns other parties involved in the accidents. Thus, they would want to understand how much blame they bear.

Additionally, you must know whether you are at fault in the police report or with your insurance company.

You might go on trails if the police report determines that you are at fault. Likewise, your insurance company has its way of determining who was at fault in the collision. In both cases, you can take help from a lawyer if you think you are wrongfully blamed.

When Should You Report a Parking Lot Accident?

You are supposed to report any accident. Typically, people try to resolve the parking lot accidents issues by compensating for damages.

Either way, no one wants to mess with their insurance premiums. As a result, even if it’s something serious, people rarely report these accidents.

Furthermore, a parking lot accident is a 50/50 situation. Well, it is sometimes true. But not always.

So, when do you need to report to the police?

The following list outlines circumstances under which drivers should contact the police.

  1. A person was injured in the incident.
  2. Damage to the vehicles or property is $2,000 or more.

Common Types of Parking Lot Accidents

An estimated 20% of all auto accidents, from small fender-benders to deadly car crashes, take place in parking lots. That numbers 1 in every 5 auto accidents.

Knowing some of the most typical parking lot accident types may help you keep vigilant and prevent them in the future. The next time you are driving through a parking lot, keep them in mind.

Colliding while backing up

Looking behind you when driving is challenging. There are mirrors, for sure. However, they do not provide a complete view of the area behind your car.

To check out your rear window, you might need to turn your head back. However, that is not always helpful either because it creates a blind spot on the driver’s side at the back.

Pulling out in front of a car

Backing into another parked car is one of the most frequent kinds of parking lot accidents. Small parking lots with a high density of spaces are especially prone to this kind of mishap.

Leave a note or contact the police if you are stuck in a parked car by accident and the owner is not there because leaving the site is against the law.

You should also notify your insurance provider and take as many pictures as you can to show the damage and demonstrate that you left a letter.

Backing up into each other

Many parking lot accidents happen when pulling into or out of a spot.

This brings the following accident scenario: two drivers backing up and running into each other. Sometimes two drivers will back out of their parking space simultaneously, causing a rear crash.

Given that both cars were mobile, so is it 50/50? With regard to that, both drivers are accountable in this situation, and neither has the right of way.

Two cars compete for the same spot

Sometimes, drivers who are attempting to enter the same space collide. Both drivers are overly competitive in such situations and want to pull into the area before the other.

Or they are in a congested place and failing to locate an open space. In the end, they do not see the other driver.

Currently, there are various technologies, including parking lot navigation systems, to discover open places. And it has reduced competition in many parking lots. Despite the current technology, accidents continue to happen.

What Should You Do If a Parking Lot Accident Occurs?

When you are involved in an accident, whether it occurs in a parking lot or elsewhere, follow these five steps:

  1. Confirm if anyone is hurt and contact emergency services if necessary.
  2. Move out of approaching traffic with your car if you can still drive.
  3. Give the other driver your personal information. Make sure to leave a note with your contact information if you strike a parked car.
  4. Take photos of the two automobiles and any damage, i.e., property.
  5. Call your insurance provider to inform them about the collision and schedule a tow truck if necessary.

Finally, if the accident results in serious injuries, you need to talk to a lawyer regarding compensation.

Final Notes

Accidents in parking lots happen more frequently. Even though the majority of parking lot accidents are small, serious harm and injuries are still possible.

Also, it becomes a part of your record when you report an accident, regardless of where it occurred. So it is wise to be careful while parking. Still, if it happens, take the help of a law enforcement authority such as a lawyer rather than fighting with another party.

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