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Does Car Insurance Cover Drunk Driving Accidents in Alberta

Does Car Insurance Cover Drunk Driving Accidents in Alberta?

Got a DUI conviction? And searching for the answer, “does car insurance cover drunk driving accidents in Alberta?”. Well, in short, the answer is No.

Any kind of driving under the influence of alcohol or other drug is considered a serious criminal offence and comes with several punishments. There are several consequences, from getting your driving licence suspended to a criminal record.

In many cases, the insurance company may increase the premium rates by double or triple, let alone cover the damages incurred in the accident.

In the following section, we’ve discussed more in detail.

How Does Drunk Driving Affect Insurance?

In Alberta, all the auto insurance coverages have the following three sections as given by the provincial government.

Let’s see how each of the selections tends to impact a drunk driver during an accident where they are considered the fault party:

1. Third-party liability

This covers you in case you hurt someone else physically or cause them any sort of property damage. However, drinking and driving is not an exception to this provision.

Therefore, if the drunk driver has legal insurance during the collision, they will be held responsible for covering any losses in terms of both property damage and third-party injury claims up to the coverage limits.

2. Accident benefits

Despite who was at fault for the collision, these benefits cover lost wages and medical costs for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. However, it doesn’t apply to the intoxicated drivers who cause these accidents.

3. Physical damage

This comprises collision and comprehensive coverage to protect against any kind of physical damage. Here, Comprehensive coverage offers protection against hazards like fire, thievery, and hailstorm, while collision insurance covers damage from crashes.

However, if a person causes an incident while impaired by drinking or using drugs, their insurance policy will not cover it.

Insurance Following a Drunk Driving Charge

Apart from all the legal and administrative repercussions that intoxicated drivers must endure, insurance rates are expected to rise after a DUI conviction.

Besides, drunk driving comes with a lot of risks and hazardous situations. Most insurance companies in Canada will not insure DUI drivers.

Therefore, considering all these consequences, insurance companies either increase their rates or decline drunk driver insurance. And now, drivers with a DUI conviction are required to get facility insurance, which can cost as high as $8,000 per year compared to the standard insurance.

Can My Insurance Company Find Out About My DUI or Impaired Driving Charges?

Of course, they will. If you are found guilty of a DUI or impaired driving charges in Canada, your insurance provider can track it down via the Ministry of Transportation.

Besides, you might be obligated to reveal this information voluntarily as per your insurance policy. If you don’t, the insurance provider can file a lawsuit against you, requiring you to pay money for further claims.

Moreover, they will run a background check on you when you appeal for transferring insurance after the incident. And thus, you will be questioned about these charges during the appeal procedure.

Here, if you provide wrong information, you may be charged for the money paid to third parties owing to the allegations.

So, the moral of the story is you must inform the insurance company about any of your DUI or impaired driving charges to be on the safer side.

Does Car Insurance Cover Drunk Driving Accidents in Alberta?

Alberta strictly handles drunk driving accidents. And for any kind of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you are held responsible for paying for all the damages and injuries associated with the accident.

Car insurance companies always like safe driving and drivers with a clean driving record. And most of them also have a written clause stating that they will only cover your damages if you abide by their terms and conditions. The same goes for drunk driving accidents.

It is strictly forbidden to drive in a state of intoxication. So, if you still drive and cause an accident, it will only refer to breaking the state’s laws and policies.

And if they cover any third-party damages, remember they are entitled to take legal action to recover these paid amounts from you. This kind of personal injury or property damage from the crashes can cost you from paying you about hundreds to thousands of dollars, including pain and suffering compensation, future wage losses, medical expenses, etc.

What are the Penalties for Impaired Driving (DUI) in Alberta?

Getting a DUI is a criminal offence in Canada. And having one lands you with several penalties and punishments.

Alberta Traffic Safety Act follows a strict law for drivers. If you are found to have a  Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) between 0.05% and 0.079%, you are entitled to varied punishments under DUI driving.

These penalties include:

  • Blood Alcohol Concentration 0.08% or higher: 90-day driving licence suspension along with a 3-day automobile seizure, and in the worst case scenario, it can even result in criminal charges and federal punishments.
  • Blood alcohol concentration above 0 percent: You will get a 30-day driving licence suspension and a 7-day automobile seizure per the state’s Graduation Drivers Licensing Program.
  • Blood alcohol concentration ranging between 0.05% and 0.079% for the first-timer: You will receive an immediate 3-day driver’s licence suspension and a 3-day automobile seizure.
  • A 1-day (24-hour) roadside suspension for drivers believed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or may have any severe medical condition.

To Wrap Up

Hopefully, you have no more queries regarding does car insurance cover drunk driving accidents in Alberta.

In summary, you are all by yourself if you drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol and get into an accident. In other words, the insurance will not cover your car and any of your wounds.

The only method to get the most affordable auto insurance after a DUI charge is to actively compare vehicle insurance and keep a clean driving record for the rest of your life.

However, if you still have any confusion or problems, get in touch with an experienced car accident lawyer who can help you get out of any situation with less hassle.

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